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Our most recent list of CD's produced by JOJOKID Music and DragoN'B Music available on-line. Visit the sites or listen to the songs. (You can return to the Home of JOJOKID Music by hitting the "Back" button on your browser.) Contact JOJOKID Music for more information.

bulletThe Voices of JOJOKID Music
bulletThe CD has remixed and original versions of Club - Dance - Disco HITS played in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. Reviewed by NBC and Music magazine.
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The Voices of JOJOKID Music - CD: PERSUASION

Major Dance/Club/Disco/Trance Hits , produced by Paul Drago, songwriter-producer. Contains Great Songs, Great Music, Big hits, New Releases, Sizzling Extended Edits. Top 5 Hit on MP3.com.
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bulletPASTACHO is pronounced pa-stock-oh.  The name was an inspiration of the members; all who joined together from all different walks of musical life.  Pastacho is the earth, the moon, the wind, and the stars. In short-It's Magic.
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PASTACHO - CD: Pastacho

Producers Paul Drago and Danny B put together a a musical entity for the love of it. After one experimental recording session everyone knew that a magical feeling and flow opened into a portal of music that has no boundaries. Features Artists Kristin Maria, Binkey "CEO", Baron Raymonde, Danny B. and Paul Drago.
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bulletThe World Will Remember 9-11
bulletMusicians Unite to release a CD compilation in the wake of the September 11th events.
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Top Recording Artists CD: The World Will Remember

In the wake of the tragic events at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, top Recording artists have joined together on the internet to release a CD filled with songs to nourish the heart and soul entitled "The World Will Remember". All proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit the Disaster Relief Fund.
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bulletDanny B 
bulletDanny B., singer, songwriter and producer sings from the heart and is a major influence in the music industry. His sound incorporates hard beats soft touch and great melodies.
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Danny B CD: From The Hunger

Mixture of rock, blues, and R & B Hits. Features "Chasin' the Wind" (about a positive attitude searching for his future), "The Thought" (Part fantasy, part reality, but if you listen real hard it applies to all of us) and "Goin' About My Business" (being able to express yourself and not caring about what anybody thinks).
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